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Please note my phone number has changed, the new phone number is (859) 575-9392 !!!! To enter this site and view proofs you will need to enter your valid email address below. By doing so, you agree to the following terms and conditions: You agree not to copy or reproduce any image contained on this site to use as computer or cell phone wallpaper, screen savers, desktop backgrounds, Facebook photos, personal photos, etc. and that you understand the images on this site are the property of Terry Young Photo and are copyright protected!

Thank you for entering my proof viewing web site, I hope you find it easy to navigate to your desired show and class. Photo orders can be placed directly through this site! See ordering info link for details how to place an order. Thumbnail images will remain in color but the enlarged version will now be in B&W as a deterrent to prevent them from being removed. I have made many changes to my style of photography allowing more angles and many more images of each exhibitor in an effort to provide more choices than ever. When ordering a "WEBFILE" package keep in mind these are low res. digital files and cannot be used for any type of ad publication, they are intended for social media use, emailing friends and relatives and are not a printable image. If you're needing an image suitable for ad use please order any print size or print package ( a $15.00 per image per publicaztion fee will apply. You can also order the "High resolution" file with copyright release which is useful if you're planning to have a banner, poster, calendar flyer etc. made, also this file can be sent to any publication WITHOUT the $15.00 fee added!

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